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Compliance Status

Magrabi Agriculture holds the following certificates/reports as a result of third party independent evaluation of Magrabi Agriculture activities:

  • Good agricultural practice
    • a.GLOBALGAP (www.eurep.org): Certificate of conformity and annex to the certificate, issued by EFSIS according to the valid GLOBALGAP requirements. If you would like to use the search site of the GLOBALGAP (https://database.eurep.org/globalgap/Search.do) please complete our registration number as follows: EFSIS EFFV-ES-00017. Download valid certificate:
    • Tesco Nature's Choice: Gold Certificates of Conformity to Tesco Nature's Choice (Oct 03 issue 2) have been awarded to Magrabi Farms; MAFA 1, 2, & 3 for Oranges, Clementines, Lemons, Lime, and Mafa 4 for Oranges, Clementines, Strawberry and Grapes. Download valid certificates:
    • LEAF (www.leafmarque.com): Magrabi Farms (MAFA 1, 2, 3, & 4) are members of LEAF and have achieved the LEAF Marque Standard (issue Jan. 2006); the audit was conducted by CMi, and it was quite challenging to learn that it is one of the first few LEAF audits on the international level, and the first in Egypt and the Middle East. Download valid certificates :
    • M&S Field to Fork: we supply M&S with Citrus, Grapes, and Strawberry and all our farms have been internally assessed against the requirements of the standard based on M&S request so far.
  • Good manufacturing practice
    • BRC:
      • a. Magrabi's soft fruit and vegetables packhouse as well as the herbs packhouse were evaluated in July 2002 for the first time against the requirements of the BRC technical standards and protocol for companies supplying retailing branded food products, and were both certificated as meeting the higher level requirements of the standard.
      • b. Similarly, the citrus & stone-fruit packhouse was evaluated in June 2005 for the first time against the requirements of the EFSIS standard for companies supplying food products (Issue 5 July 2002) incorporating the requirements of the BRC global standard-food (issue 3 April 2002). Download valid certificates :
    • McDonald's: Certificate of McDonald's Food Safety Verification - Grade B against the McDonald's standard for food safety verification. Download valid certificate:
  • Social responsibility
    • a. SEDEX: Magrabi Agriculture is a registered member (B) on the SEDEX website (www.sedex.org.uk) since 2005 and has completed the self assessment tool on labour practices in its largest production site (MAFA 4) and which basically includes all of its packhouses. In 2006, Magrabi electively decided to conduct a 3rd party audit that would cover all of its farms and packhouses in order to assure its clients of its due diligence towards the expected labour practices across its whole operation. The audit was conducted by Intertek against the SMETA format (Sedex members' ethical trading audit) during the first quarter of 2007. a copy of the report is uploaded to the SEDEX website. If you experience any difficulties or need any further clarification on the report please send your enquiries to mafaqa@magrabi-agriculture.com
    • Fairtrade: Magrabi Agriculture's farms (Mafa 1, 2, 3, and 4) are FLO certified for their oranges, soft citrus, lemons and grapes. Download valid certificate :
  • Food safety & quality management system
    • ISO22000:2005 Magrabi Agriculture's integrated food safety and quality management system has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO22000:2005. The audit was conducted by SGS in September 2006, and it is also worth mentioning that it is one of the first few audits in the fresh produce industry worldwide. Download valid certificate :